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Date: 11 Apr 2014  Written By -
PPF ran a news item reporting a story in the FT on 2 April 2014. It was about cash payments to privately insured patients facing complex and expensive treatments who use the NHS. It can be seen on our main site - see  news story . This report prompted Bupa to contact PPF and to make some points which included one highlighted here: “They [ insured customers ] can choose to use it [the cash payment option ] or go private, they make that choice.”  PPF says that really matters: the patient makes the choice. There is a lot for patients to consider. Bupa mentioned some research from Demos ( Paying the Price ) which was specifically about cancer. It makes interesting reading. One of its recommendations (page 11 for the NHS point 3) is to ‘ Make chemotherapy and radiotherapy available in local treatment centres , reducing the need for people to travel long distances to hospital.’ There are some oncologists who think that the UK has too many cancer...

Date: 28 Oct 2013  Written By PPF
A disgruntled patient suffering under 'open referral' suggests the following: Essentially, the thing to do is to get your GP to specifically specify a Consultant who you wish to see and just ask them to put in writing a reason why they want you to see this Consultant then BUPA will have no choice but to allow this. I wish everyone luck and please don't give up ! I'm now thinking of changing to Pru Health so if anyone has any experience with this insurance company it would be good to hear back. Have you tried this? If so, any luck? See the full story at

Date: 19 Jun 2013  Written By -
The way costs are dealt with in private healthcare is extraordinary. There is a system of coding that, if applied anywhere else, would be deemed mad. Imagine that when you went to buy an airline ticket, you were charged separately for the pilot, the engineer, the steward, the coffee, the bun, the air sick bag, the cost of putting air in the tyres... You may well ask why so much time and effort is spent in detailed costings when most hospitals and doctors can manage to price an entire procedure into a single figure if you happen to be paying for yourself - so-called 'self pay packages'. Who pays for the medical secretaries, the coders and the accounts folk to check all this? You do. In your premiums... 

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